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Is PR1MA Project Still Feasible?

Is PR1MA Project Still Feasible?

PUTRAJAYA: According to a past report, there is a high possibility where the PR1MA project would be dissolved. This is due to substantial amount of hangover units especially in locations with lower demand. Today our Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said that the final evaluation report for the feasibility to continue PR1MA will be presented in the cabinet very soon.


Is PR1MA Project Still Feasible? 1

“The report will be separated into two main section (Management & Financial). However, houses that have been built under PR1MA plan are not affected and only projects that have not yet started are being frozen.” said Zuraida when attending the MyWc (My Water Closet) mobile app launching today.

“PR1MA is a local housing project launched by the former Najib government. It is proposed to build 500,000 affordable property units ranged between RM100,000 and RM400,000 to help low- and middle-income buyers to own their first homes.” she said.


Is PR1MA Project Still Feasible? 2

She also criticized that PR1MA is a failed plan. It should have built 500,000 affordable houses in 2018, but only over 10,000 were built last year which only 2% of the earliest target. In addition, certain locations of PR1MA projects are not suitable. These houses are supposed to be built in location with infrastructure and public transport to support the low income group.


Is PR1MA Project Still Feasible? 3


On the other hand, in response to the calling on her resignation as minister by vice-chief Faizah Ariffin due to proposed of Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) to Hong Kong and China, Zuraida said that such appeal was irrelevant to her.


Do you think the PR1MA project still feasible? Let’s talk.


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